EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – On January 26, GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services announced it has selected Black Book National Auto Research, a provider of wholesale pricing guidebooks, as its resale benchmark. GE will be the first fleet leasing company to benchmark used-vehicle sales performance against the Black Book Commercial Index.

GE will expand the use of the Black Book guidebook to benchmark returns on commercial fleet sales. Based on analysis, GE determined that Black Book Commercial Index’s published pricing is the most accurate and up-to-date fleet resale guidebook available.

The Black Book Commercial Index data will also be available online to fleet managers. This provides fleet managers with a tool to benchmark their overall remarketing performance and provide an objective basis to benchmark their provider’s performance.

“The Black Book Commercial Index provides greater accuracy, coverage and accessibility than current industry standards and serves as a common yardstick for measuring remarketing performance across all channels,” said Brian Wright, general manager, vehicle life management at Fleet Services.