DEARBORN, MI – Ford Motor Company’s efforts to increase the residual values of its vehicles are paying off. Taken as a whole, Ford and Lincoln/Mercury brands have increased in residual values from 40 percent after the third year-in-service for 2004 models in calendar year 2004 to 41.8 percent for 2006 models in Automotive Lease Guide’s (ALG) most recent residual forecasts. That compares to around 30 percent for such cars as the Taurus. For many individual models, the residuals are even better. For example, the new Fusion SE is rated at 47 percent after a three-year period.

Translated into dollars, that means the SE should command a resale price of 47 percent of its original manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Approximately one in four Fusions are being leased because of strong residuals, helping Ford’s market share through increased leasing business.