DEARBORN, MIAutomotive Lease Guide has picked the new Land Rover Range Rover Sport as having the best residual values in the crossover utility vehicle (CUV) class while Kelley Blue Book placed the Volvo XC90 on its 2006 top 10 residual values list.

Not only did the Range Rover Sport win in the CUV category, Land Rover took the No. 3 spot in the organization's ranking of the top luxury brands.

While the Ford Freestyle hasn't made it to the award's lists, the CUV has also shown strong residual performance. According to Automotive Lease Guide, the Freestyle residual values after three years range from 46 percent to 48 percent depending upon the model. If the trend continues, increasing residuals for the company's CUVs may help boost Ford's sales figures in the next year. Three products reaching dealers this year are the Ford Edge, Lincoln MXK, and the Mazda CX-7.