IRVINE, CA – WFS Financial, an independent automobile finance company, has announced the new “Front Select” and “Quality Checked” program roll out nationwide (excluding Ohio) this week. These new programs are designed to enable dealers purchasing vehicles at auctions to buy with confidence.

With the “Quality Checked” program, vehicle components are inspected and guaranteed according to published or posted auction arbitration policies including motor, transmission, differentials, no warning lights will be illuminated, no body modifications (altered suspensions), vehicles will be free of odometer discrepancies at point of sale, and free of title discrepancies at point of sale. Eligible vehicles are inspected in 17 areas and the purchasing dealer will have a seven-day guarantee on covered components.

The “Front Select” Program enables dealers to enjoy the benefits of the inspection and a 14-day guarantee without the costs associated with a typical certification program. The “Front Select” program offers enhanced inspections and double the guarantee. In this program, the categories for inspection include engine, transmission, rear end, paint, mileage, body, brakes, steering/rack and pinion, title, and interiors with a total of 32 inspection points. “Front Select” doubles the guarantee period to 14 days. A copy of the inspection certificate is available prior to purchase, allowing the dealer to make an informed purchase.