ATLANTA – Manheim Simulcast – an Internet-based system that allows dealers to remotely bid on and buy vehicles as they are moving through live auction lanes – has launched its most advanced, customer-driven technology to date.

“This new version of Simulcast, with its greatly enhanced capabilities and functionality, we truly believe sets a whole new industry standard for convenience and efficiency for both buyer and seller,” said Joe Luppino, Manheim chief technology officer. “It incorporates many client suggestions and consolidates Manheim’s numerous technology capabilities into one platform where virtually anything a buyer or seller wants is just one click away.”

In 2005, Manheim Simulcast has offered more than 90,000 vehicles weekly through approximately 150 sales per day, with 82 auctions and 560 lanes wired.

Manheim Simulcast 3.0 provides customers with several notable features with the rollout of its latest version:

  • Proxy bidding. Dealers can have the computer automatically bid for them in their absence. They enter their maximum buy price and the computer does the rest.

  • Watchlist functionality with alerts. Dealers can now create a “watch list” of vehicles they are interested in during a sale and will be notified on the screen when those vehicles are coming up for sale.

  • Preview of next three vehicles with thumbnails. Dealers can view thumbnail images of the next three vehicles up for bid.

  • Ability to change dealer rep on-the-fly. Dealers can instantly change the dealer representative number on a vehicle.

  • Integrated, one-click access to purchase history. Dealers can quickly view the total number of vehicles bought for that sale.

  • Integrated, one-click access to condition reports and dealer listings.

    Customers can preview the new version on Simulcast’s newly redesigned home page. In the near future, Simulcast will provide online dealers with the ability to simultaneously participate in up to four sales within one browser window with the Manheim patent-pending multi-lane view feature.

    Simulcast has evolved to make the online process easier for sellers as well. In addition to Simulcast, Manheim’s patent-pending “absentee seller” application has been enhanced. Helping consignors, large and small, “virtually” represent their cars, remote sellers now have:

  • Manheim Market Report and floor price information for each vehicle.

  • Integrated, one-click access to sales history. Sellers can quickly view the total number of all their vehicles sold online and in-lane for that sale.

  • Inactive and active capabilities for remote sellers. Sellers can momentarily step away without interrupting the sale.