SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Network Remarketing & Technologies (NRT), an automotive online remarketer, has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with AutoVIN, a professional information services subsidiary, of ADESA, Inc.

“AutoVIN performs more than 300,000 comprehensive condition reports annually and has explored other industry models. We have determined that the synergy between NRT’s and AutoVIN’s business philosophies and proprietary technologies provide all sellers, whether manufacturers, captives or dealer to dealer transactions, the powerful flexibility to manage vehicle information throughout the remarketing process efficiently and effectively while maximizing sales opportunities,” said Steve Swanson, president of AutoVIN.

“This partnership is all about meeting each and every seller’s demand for quality, accurate information so buyers can bid/buy with utmost confidence,” said Colette A. Marcilliat, executive VP of sales and marketing for Network Remarketing & Technologies. “This continuous, comprehensive reporting is designed to follow the vehicle through each remarketing phase up to and beyond physical auction lanes, allowing the same critical information to be accessed for retail sales or dealer to dealer transactions based on seller driven viewing preferences. Our reporting flexibility enables incorporation of complete NAAA grading standards, or dynamic customization of vehicle grades depending on each seller’s needs.”