ATLANTA – Manheim’s St. Louis Auto Auction in Bridgeton, Mo., has joined the Total Resource Auctions (TRA) network, becoming the 12th Manheim auction to offer salvage auction services.

The auction is conducting its TRA salvage sales every Tuesday at 8 a.m. in addition to its weekly auctions and monthly highline sales. Buyers can participate in the lanes or online via Manheim Simulcast.

“As soon as we joined TRA, the number of salvage vehicles running through the lane jumped drastically,” Assistant General Manager Mike Goodsell said. “The number of dealers also began increasing, and we look forward to bringing in more buyers and sellers in the future.”

Currently the auction has one salvage lane and is running approximately 100 vehicles per week on average at its TRA sales.

TRA allows buyers and sellers to securely exchange damaged, inoperative, and salvage vehicles through Manheim’s TRA locations and Web-based products, including Simulcast and Online Vehicle Exchange.

With the addition of St. Louis Auto Auction, Manheim now has 12 facilities conducting TRA sales. More locations are expected to be added by the end of the year.