ATLANTA – Manheim Technical Center at DRIVE, located in Stockbridge, Ga., has released its training schedule for 2006. Classes on the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) Condition Report Writing, NAAA Frame & Structure, Plastics Repair, Estimating Prior Repairs and Estimating, and Damage Analysis are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The class fee is $200 per student, per day, which includes class materials and food and beverages throughout the day.

The NAAA Condition Report Writing course is designed to cover the basics of condition report writing, fundamentals of a proper inspection, and damage category identification. Successful completion of the class qualifies attendees for Level 1 of the ICP Program, as well as receipt of the NAAA Condition Report Writing Certification. This is a two-day course fully endorsed by the National Auto Auction Association.

The NAAA Frame & Structure course provides instruction on vehicle construction, frame damage evaluation, collision energy, interpreting results from measuring devices and the NAAA Frame and Structural Damage Policy. Successful completion of this course awards students with the NAAA Frame Certification.

The two-day Plastics Repair training course will teach attendees the proper ways to repair plastic parts, particularly plastic bumper covers. Areas covered will include plastic identification and classroom training. In addition, hands-on lab work on actual plastic repair will prepare students to begin repairing these parts at their facilities. The course features plastic welding in addition to traditional plastics repair.

Identifying Prior Repairs is a one-day training course that allows a student to properly identify and assess previous repairs on vehicles at auction or in repair facilities. Focus areas are visual inspection of repair “tells” such as gaps, improper repair product application, panel repair identification and witness marks.

The Estimating and Damage Analysis course goes into depth on the comprehensive process of analyzing collision damage and properly completing a thorough estimate. Areas covered include disassembly for access, damage analysis procedures, blueprinting the damaged areas and systematic estimating.

For more information about these and other classes being offered by Manheim Technical Center, contact Amanda Hoffpauir, logistics administrator, at (678) 284-4253 or via e-mail at Complete details are also available at

Class Curriculum:

NAAA Condition Report Writing:

January 18-19, February 14-15, March 7-8, April 11-12, May 9-10, May 30-31, June 27-28, August 9-10, September 19-20, October 3-4, November 7-8, December 5-6

NAAA Frame & Structure:

January 20, February 16, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 1, June 29, August 11, September 21, October 5, November 9, December 7

Plastics Repair:

January 11-12, March 14-15, May 10-11, June 6-7, August 8-9, September 6-7, October 18-19, December 12-13

Identifying Prior Repairs:

January 10, March 2, May 25

Estimating & Damage Analysis:

January 17, March 1, June 1, July 26, November 14