DELRAY BEACH, FL - As a follow-up regarding the response of FLD and company services during natural disasters, FLD today issued a statement that business carries on as usual despite damage to its offices in Delray Beach.

Due to an emergency disaster preparedness strategy updated more than a year ago, FLD continued operations for its clients and users of Web Access without interruption after Hurricane Wilma. Part of the disaster strategy includes mirrored servers in Florida, California, and Philadelphia, so there is no service interruption.

Should there ever be a hurricane and earthquake simultaneously, FLD has taken measures even further and has secured servers in a Bell South bunker in Atlanta.

“Natural disasters are a far too common and unpredictable, however the dedicated team at FLD has implemented a system to keep the company up and running and clients connected despite the unfortunate circumstances that have crippled many areas of Florida and the Gulf Coast this hurricane season,” said Ron Sanders, president of FLD.

Although no preparation can guarantee a building will be left standing after a hurricane, earthquake, or any other natural disaster, FLD’s disaster preparedness strategy, which guarantees that client information is safe and accessible regardless of the physical state of the brick and mortar, was put to the test with Hurricane Wilma.

“FLD’s headquarters in Delray Beach may have been damaged, but we will continue to do business as normal, said Sanders. “We are very fortunate to have only temporarily lost a physical location.”

Sanders reported that all of FLD’s employees are safe and that clients can rest assured that all of their data is secure and they can continue to use Web Access and other FLD services as normal.

“Our efforts to buffer the adverse effects of Mother Nature so that FLD customers can remain confident their valuable information is protected and accessible during and after a major natural disaster were successful,” said Sanders.