ATLANTA – BMW has selected Manheim’s National Auto Dealers Exchange (NADE) in Bordentown, N.J., to handle all marshaling, logistical, and remarketing support for its Northeast operation.

NADE’s first BMW sale will take place on Nov. 9. NADE will sell cars for BMW in lanes, through Online Vehicle Exchange, and via Manheim Simulcast and Cinema Simulcast bidding at the NADE facility.

NADE will serve as the central marshaling facility for all BMW-owned vehicles in New England. As these vehicles are ready to be remarketed they will be moved to the 350-acre NADE facility, where they will be stored, reconditioned if necessary, and prepared for resale. As soon as they reach the facility, they will be digitally photographed with some offered for sale to dealers via Manheim’s Online Vehicle Exchange. If the vehicles do not sell online, they will be auctioned at a monthly BMW sale, with bidders participating in the lanes as well as online via Simulcast and also in NADE’s Cinema Simulcast Theater at the facility. All logistical issues, such as title transfers, will also be handled at NADE.

Manheim is providing similar support for BMW at 10 other auction locations around the country. NADE is becoming an Exotic Highline location for Manheim with similar marshaling and logistical relationships with Honda, Volkswagen Audi, Mercedes, and Chrysler Finance.

NADE’s 350-acre facility has a 22-lane auction building and reconditioning services. Weekly Wednesday auctions feature more than 6,000 vehicles and attract more than 2,000 dealers on average.