CARMEL, IN – ADESA Corp. has teamed with AutoTec, LLC, to provide its dealers with Auction ACCESS.

Auction ACCESS, developed by AutoTec, based in Birmingham, Ala., is the National Dealer Registration System that provides clients with access to information and documents of more than 220,000 dealer representatives. When ADESA has completed transferring all its auctions to Auction ACCESS, more than 85 percent of cars sold at an NAAA-affiliated auction in the U.S. will be covered.

“Basically, our adoption of Auction Access makes the dealership identity card generic. What this means is that the Auction ACCESS card will be the only dealership identity card required at more than 160 auction locations in the U.S. Eventually, Auction ACCESS cards will even be available for use with ADESA LiveBlock," said Doug Shore, ADESA's VP of operations.

“ADESA’s universal card system allows our buyers to buy at all participating auctions with no hassle. Now we can do cross-regional buying without having to re-register at every location," said Alan Neal, senior buyer at DriveTime.

"It's a big time saver and time is money. All my paperwork can be processed before I get to the auction. Dealers can also be much more confident now in approaching new auction opportunities," said Anthony Underwood, of Anthony Underwood Automotive Sales, Birmingham.

According to Chuck Redden, AutoTec's Chief Executive Officer, the idea for a national dealer registration system was first mentioned back in 1995 during a National Auto Auction Association committee meeting. AutoTec understood the potential benefits of a national dealer database and began working on a solution.

"All an authorized dealer needs to do is get an Auction ACCESS card, swipe it, and enter the lanes," Redden said. "And dealers can keep their information current themselves online."