ANAHEIM, CA – Kelley Blue Book's has announced the 2006-model year winners of its annual Best Resale Value Awards at the California International Auto Show at the Anaheim Convention Center. These awards, presented as a new model year begins, recognize automakers' outstanding achievements in designing, engineering and producing vehicles that best retain their value. Since depreciation (or loss of value) is typically consumers' biggest expense during the first five years of car ownership, these awards, like all of's information services, are designed to help consumers make better car-buying decisions.

Based on projections by Kelley Blue Book's staff of market analysts that are encapsulated in the Kelley Blue Book Residual Value Guide, the awards honor vehicles that are expected to have the best resale value after five years of ownership. The awards are presented to the vehicle with the highest projected resale value in each of Kelley Blue Book's nine vehicle categories. In addition, awards are presented to the Overall Top 10 leaders in projected resale value regardless of segment, and Kelley Blue Book also honors the brand with the best projected resale value across its line of vehicles. Low-volume vehicles and vehicles with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of more than $60,000 are excluded from awards consideration.

The 2006-model year winners of Kelley Blue Book's Best Resale Value Awards were:

2006 Best Resale Value: Brand

BMW and MINI (Tie)

2006 Best Resale Value: Category

Sedan: Honda Accord Hybrid

Luxury: Infiniti M45

Coupe: Infiniti G35 Coupe

Pickup: Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

Convertible: Chevrolet Corvette

Sport/Utility: Porsche Cayenne

Wagon: Subaru Outback

Van/Minivan: Honda Odyssey

Hatchback: MINI Cooper / Toyota Prius (Tie)

2006 Best Resale Value: Top 10 (in alphabetical order)

BMW 5 Series

Chevrolet Corvette

Honda Accord Hybrid

Infiniti G35 Coupe

Infiniti M45

Lexus GX 470

MINI Cooper

Porsche Cayenne

Toyota Prius

Volvo XC90