announced a new dealer training called e-Advertising Essentials Workshops, free to all automotive dealers. So far this year, dealer trainers Jack Simmons and Howard Polirer have visited more than 60 cities and have trained over 3,000 dealers.

Formerly known as the E-Basics dealer training program, e-Advertising Essentials is still a nearly daylong educational session, but is more interactive and incorporates break-out sessions to test the skills just taught to the dealers. Rather than only being presented to, the dealers now have the opportunity to work together, brainstorm, discuss learning activities, and then present their ideas to the group. The workshops highlight web design, ad writing, and creating an “Internet savvy” culture at dealerships.

“We have been telling and are now also showing dealers how to take advantage of the online tools available to them that can help them become more successful,” said Simmons, National Dealer Trainer.

The workshop discusses more broadly what car buyers are doing with the Internet, but also specifically touches on how dealers can merchandise their cars by using multiple photos, pricing vehicles competitively and maximizing their own dealership web sites. In addition, the training stresses the importance of E-mail and telephone best practices, and how sales teams can seize the opportunities when potential buyers contact them.

Howard Polirer, Dealer Trainer, said “our goal is to educate dealers on new technology, and also ways to improve business through their ‘virtual showrooms’ on the Internet.”