COSTA MESA, has partnered with to offer car buyers the ability to compare lease payments online for new and late-model used cars from multiple lenders. The service also enables consumers to secure an auto lease online from the convenience of their home or office.

"As zero percent financing deals dwindle, leasing is becoming an increasingly popular financing option for car buyers," said Mark Perleberg, lead auto expert, "We partnered with LeaseCompare to offer consumers a choice when it comes to financing their new or late-model used car. By comparing competitive lease programs from multiple lenders side-by-side at our Web site, car buyers can pick the leasing option that best matches their own personal financial situation."

The service enables car buyers to select from the Web site's "express," "step-by-step" or "by payment" options. The "express" option is available for people who have already found a new or used car at a dealer and they know the purchase price, the "step-by-step" option is for people who haven't yet found a new car to lease and need help negotiating a good purchase price, and the "by payment" option shows car buyers the makes and models they can lease based on the monthly payment they want to pay. Once car buyers make their selection, they're asked a few simple questions, including year, make and model information. Then, the service provides side-by-side lease quote comparisons online.