ATLANTA – VW Credit, Inc., (VCI) has chosen Manheim’s National Auto Dealers Exchange (NADE) in Bordentown, N.J., as its first-ever Northeast regional marshalling center for all VCI vehicles.

Manheim will provide VCI the opportunity to utilize multiple sales channels to remarket several thousand Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Online Vehicle Exchange, Simulcast, and traditional lane selling will all play a role in VCI’s remarketing strategy. In addition, NADE may conduct “smart repair” and other reconditioning work on vehicles prior to distribution for sale.

The relationship with Manheim also will allow VCI to improve the model mix of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles at sales and provide more consistent offerings throughout the region, according to Dave Sutton, wholesale auction process leader for VW Credit, Inc. He added that Manheim will reduce the number of days-to-sale with rapid vehicle pick-ups throughout the region, quickly enhance VCI’s vehicles in a central location and coordinate consistent sale sizes to VW buyers in the region.