FAIRFIELD, CA – Copart, Inc. announced that it has entered into an agreement with Lithuania-based Hansa Finance, which will result in the first VB2 powered online vehicle sales in Europe. Hansa is based in Klaipeda, Lithuania, and has been importing vehicles acquired from Copart's salvage operations and Copart's wholesale dealer auction partners into Europe since last year.

Under the terms of the agreement, Hansa will be utilizing VB2 to remarket vehicles in Eastern Europe. Hansa buys vehicles in the United States and ships them to Europe through the Port of Klasow, a new facility located in Klaipeda, Lithuania. There, the vehicles are redistributed to surrounding countries, primarily Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia.

Hansa Finance, one of the Viaden Group companies, was founded in 2001. It specializes in automobile redistribution and claims to have a worldwide logistics network that supports 78 dealerships in 24 countries, primarily serving Europe and Asia.