DALLAS – In an effort to improve the services provided by CU Remarketing Services, the company has partnered with Troy Aikman Ford. Effective immediately, Credit Union Remarketing Services in conjunction with Troy Aikman Ford will offer free transportation service to clients in Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

By delivering vehicles to the third-largest market in the United States, Credit Union Remarketing Services said it will maximize the return on every unit processed, and that Credit Unions will see a reduction in overall expense by not paying for any transportation fees.

Benefits include:

  • Repossession costs paid by the liquidator.

  • Free transportation of repossessed vehicles.

  • Free storage in a secure and guarded facility for all vehicles at no cost to the Credit Union.

  • Completed reconditioning estimates at wholesale prices by a large new car automotive group.

  • Online processing system and monitoring software program with up to 15 clear photographs.

  • Secure passwords allowing daily personal online inventory management.

  • Guaranteed advances on all repossessions prior to sale.

  • All repossessions will be offered to multiple used-car managers of other new car dealers.