DALLAS, TEXAS – American Auto Exchange (aaXchange) has created real-time inventory management technology providing customers the best trade in values. Dealerships using the tools today are realizing an estimated increase of $40,000 per month to their bottom line, or a total yearly estimated impact to the industry of $320 million. Three of the nation's top five dealer groups have successfully adopted aaXchange's tools. "Using real-time technology, we help our users accurately appraise, acquire, liquidate, and price inventory. The result is bottom-line profitability," said Bruce Thompson, founder and chief executive officer of American Auto Exchange, Inc.

While the largest dealers groups have already embraced this technology, small to mid-sized dealers are now beginning to realize its benefits. According to a National Automobile Dealers Association study, the vast majority of dealers are not utilizing any kind of inventory management tools to maximize revenues, but that's beginning to change, according to Thompson.