GRAPEVINE, TEXAS – Jim McCarthy, director, Vehicle Management Services for Siemens Shared Services, was honored with the 21st Fleet Manager of the Year Award, sponsored by Automotive Fleet, Wheels Inc., and the Automotive Fleet and Leasing Association, April 10 in Dallas.

The award recognizes and honors an experienced and proficient fleet manager who has demonstrated special business acumen in developing and executing key management policies. Eligible nominees must be full-time fleet managers, control a company-owned or leased fleet of more than 100 trucks and cars combined, and be recognized nationally among their peers for their unique abilities and accomplishments. A 27-member judging panel, representing all areas of fleet, determined the winner. The finalists are:

McCarthy has 12 years of fleet experience, supervises a staff of nine, and manages a total of 10,000 vehicles. He and his staff are responsible for 23 distinctly different fleets, each with individual requirements and scope. He must consider not only what is best for each fleet, but also for Siemens as a whole. With a strategic approach to fleet, he has leveraged in-house expertise and created one effective and efficient team from two.

In addition, McCarthy faces the internal challenges of cost-savings pressures, lease-versus-reimbursement justifications, and new initiatives. Under McCarthy’s management, Siemens maintains a 1-percent out-of-stock rate, 96-percent driver personal use report rate, just a 7-percent rate of premium fuel purchase rate, and 0-percent non-fuel purchase rate. He continually resells and proves the value of vehicle management services to each group.