INDIANAPOLIS – The SKI Group (S.K.I.) announced its first marketing initiative leveraging the valuable information contained in the National Auctioneers Association's recently commissioned auction-industry survey conducted by Harris Interactive and MORPACE International.

The SKI Group will position the phrase "The Most Trusted Names in Independent Auctions" to promote the unique brand character of its independent live and online auction markets.

  • Airport Auto Auction (TN) - Tony Long

  • Capital City Auto Auction (WV) - Joe Pyle

  • D-A Auto Auction (PA) - Dave Angelicchio

  • Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho (ID) - Russ Smith

  • Dealers Auto Auction of Oklahoma City (OK) - Gary Smith

  • Dyer Auto Auction (IN) - Buzz Cotton

  • Greater Kalamazoo Auto Auction (MI) - Don DeVries

  • Harrisburg Auto Auction (PA) - Lynn Weaver

  • Port City Auto Auction (ME) - Dave Wescott

  • Rea Brother's Mid-South Auction (MS) - John Rea

  • Tri-State Auto Auction (NY) - Dave Taylor

  • Western Wisconsin Auto Auction (WI) - Brad Stange

    "The brilliant Harris and MORPACE research alerted us to develop this phrase which brings attention to the core value we offer to auction customers and clients", said SKI Group Founder Scott Kolb, CAI. "Auctions are educational. They are proactive and social. Auctions deliver excitement, entertainment, competition, and define valuation unlike any other experience. We're confident that The Most Trusted Names in Independent Auctions distills our key brand proposition to dealers, clients and customers in a catchphrase that is unique and memorable and backed by our reputation and integrity."

    In the recent study, it was determined that 83 percent of Americans have attended some type of auction, and 63 percent have attended one in the past year. The research also indicated that the $203-billion auction industry grew at a brisk pace of 4 percent last year. Although the industry is healthy, The SKI Group believes that the catch phrase can spur higher attendance among devoted dealer auction attendees and promote attendance to those who are only casually interested, or who may not yet have sampled the auction method live and/or online.

    The SKI Group will support, which functions as a communication hub for the independent auction industry. It will foster a community comprised of the auction, automotive and dealer industry and will have easily accessible information about independent auction sites, market reporting and the auction experience. It will function as a gateway into the auction method of marketing, experience and lifestyle.

    "The Most Trusted Names In Independent Auctions" will also be integrated into the industry through a variety of media such as print advertising, event banners and website banners. Development of "The Most Trusted Names in Independent Auctions" phrase will be continually refined through different media platforms.