DALLAS – American Auto Exchange, Inc. (aaXchange) offered presentations about its Vehicle Management Systems to dealers representing more than 1,200 dealerships at the recent National Automotive Dealers Associaton (NADA) conference in New Orleans. aaXchange also introduced the latest applications of abX, DealerBasics, New Car Modeling, and SmartLaunch integrated intelligence based on eBay market data.

The Vehicle Management Systems application makes inventory recommendations and gives dealers the ability to purchase the correctly priced inventory through an online auction platform, said a company spokesperson. The system matches the dealer's vehicle needs to available online inventory supply.

DealerBasics acquires and aggregates previously confusing vehicle pricing data and allows dealerships to competitively market their inventory. The tool will take a VIN and search all advertised listings of the same vehicle within a 50-mile radius of the user. It also compiles the listings with similar odometer readings, averages them, and gives the user an accurate suggested retail price. The user can view a competitor's online listings, with photos.

aaXchange's New Car Modeling provides dealers the tools for precise ordering and inventory balancing. The New Car Modeling allows a dealer to plan an accurate forecast based on trending and seasonality, and order the fastest moving models, colors, and packages for the dealership based on prior historical and market data, said the company spokesperson.

SmartLaunch is a newly announced tool enabling dealers to launch the correctly priced cars to eBay Motors. Every vehicle in inventory is processed through the aaXchange Ideal Inventory Model to determine the projected profit based on eBay Marketplace Data. If dealers decide to launch the vehicle to eBay Motors, they may do so by clicking a button and walking through a step-by-step listing tool. This feature allows dealers to sell for a gain to a retail customer, instead of wholesaling for a loss, explained the company spokesperson.