CHARLESTON, SC – Charleston Auto Auction celebrates its fourth anniversary with a $1 Million Sweepstakes. Dealers who consign, sell, or buy vehicles between February 18 and the auction’s anniversary sale on March 25 are automatically entered into $1 million sweepstakes. The more vehicles a customer consigns, sells, or buys, the greater the chances to win.

According to Keith Lelux, owner, the auction will begin its fourth anniversary sale on March 25 with a free breakfast, followed by an all-float sale, $30,000 in cash and prize giveaways, and the $1 Million Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes finalist, who will be randomly selected from dealers in attendance at the conclusion of the sale, will have a one-in-199-chance to win one million dollars. If that dealer does not hit the jackpot, he or she leaves with a consolation prize of $10,000 in cold hard cash.

The auction expects the anniversary sale to be its largest to date, with more than 800 units and a special consignment of 100 units from Wheels, Inc., one of the auction’s largest fleet/lease consignors running a variety of late-model off-lease units, many of which have been covered by Wheels’ maintenance program.

Charleston Auto Auction services dealers and fleet/lease customers from the Virginia border south to Jacksonville, Fla., and west to Atlanta. Opened in 2001, the facility utilizes a number of technological tools, including Auto IMS, Livelane, and OnLine Ringman, in addition to Auction Software’s Dealer Express.

A member of the ServNet auction group, Charleston Auto Auction holds a sale every Friday at 10 a.m.