FORT WORTH, TEXAS – AmeriCredit Corp. unveiled the AmeriCredit Advantage, which, according to the company, guarantees that certain AmeriCredit vehicles offered at auction are premium quality and “frontline ready.”

After interior, exterior, and mechanical component inspections, qualifying vehicles are marked with the AmeriCredit Advantage seal of approval as follows:

  • Assured Program: Every vehicle with the assured seal is fit for the showroom floor. From the engine to the exhaust, these used cars pass a test to make the grade.

  • 80+ Program: After a test drive performed by the auction, only the highest-quality vehicles with more than 80,000 miles receive a “green light,” which guarantees the car is mechanically sound, reliable, and in good working condition.

    As part of the program, AmeriCredit’s Global Arbitration Policy provides consistent guidelines for resolving issues with any vehicle. If a dealer is not satisfied with an assured vehicle, he or she can return it – no questions asked. AmeriCredit promises that cars in the 80+ Program perform dependably, or they can also be returned.

    AmeriCredit Advantage also features elite sale events that exclusively sell AmeriCredit’s repossessed vehicles. These stand-alone auction sales, often held in conjunction with major sporting or promotional events, offer incentives to dealers.

    The company is currently piloting AmeriCredit Advantage at six auctions and plans to complete a phased rollout for remaining locations. For a list of sale dates for auctions selling AmeriCredit vehicles, visit