BOISE, ID -- Idaho Auto Auction unveiled its new dealer service center last November. Located across from the front counter, the service center provides dealers with an area to conduct necessary business while at Idaho Auto Auction. The service center features computers, fax machines, wireless Internet access, and a flat-screen plasma TV, which displays important information on upcoming events.

At the dealer service center, dealers can access the auction’s new Web-based reporting technology. Dealers now have the opportunity to directly access their individual reports, inventory, IAA market reports, upcoming sale catalogs, and other information without having to wait at the counter. A dealer can check consigned inventory, verify purchases and sales, view and print net sheets, and access other information that was previously available through NikoNET. Dealers can register for the service to receive their own unique login and password, at Dealers can also check their e-mail, access the Internet, book flights, and handle any other business in the center.