DALLAS – American Auto Exchange, Inc. (aaXchange), a dealer technology management company, is tapping into eBay Motors, an online used-car marketplace. aaXchange is offering U.S. auto dealers SmartLaunch, a technology designed to increase gross volume using the Internet to directly reach retail customers.

SmartLaunch is a new integrated intelligence technology that provides a productivity tool based on real-time data in a fast-paced market, according to aaXchange.

SmartLaunch enables dealers to list cars at a suggested price on eBay Motors using the aaXchange system. Every vehicle in the dealer's inventory is processed through the aaXchange analytical technology to determine the proposed profit based on eBay marketplace data. If the dealer wishes to list the vehicle on eBay Motors, they may do so by using a listing tool. The dealer can also manage their listings within the aaXchange system throughout the auction process.

According to eBay, eBay Motors delivered more than 11 billion dollars in worldwide annualized gross merchandise volume in 2004.

In addition to SmartLaunch, American Auto Exchange offers aaXchange real-time vehicle trading network and the aaXchange vehicle management system (VMS), which are available to dealers who want to more efficiently manage their inventory and sales needs.

For more information please visit the aaXchange Web site at www.aaXchange.com/.