NEW YORK – The No. 1 search item on eBay was "RV," short for recreational vehicle, a published report said recently.

For the second consecutive year, USA Today asked the online auction company to draw out trends that could help define 2004. RV was first, followed by "Louis Vuitton," "moon," "BMW" – last year's No. 1 – and "gold," according to the paper.

More than 125 million people use the Web site and $1,060 worth of products flow through it every second, the paper said.

eBay has showed that when major events happen, such as Ronald Reagan's passing or the Red Sox winning the World Series in October, any kind of related paraphernalia immediately floods the Web site.

With the population getting older, the emphasis is shifting to a need for comfort. Enter the RV, a motorhome on wheels that's ideal for leisurely retirement travel around the country.

The top three cars sold through eBay Motors in 2004 were Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, and Chevrolet Camaro, reported USA Today.