PORTLAND, OR – Chrome Systems Corporation, provider of data, configuration technology, and commerce solutions for the automotive industry, announced the availability of its Chrome Engine inventory processing software, an application that simplifies the process of creating accurate descriptions of vehicles – thousands at a time – from the smallest amounts of input data. With the use of a VIN, or the VIN plus additional data points such as known features or a manufacturer´s model code, Engine creates comprehensive descriptions of thousands of vehicles in one automated batch process.

Designed to run unattended in the background, Engine enables auto sellers, marketers and lending institutions to standardize and enhance large amounts of automotive inventory data from multiple lots, dealerships or locations, in an automated process that can be run on a client-defined schedule. Engine creates a normalized list of years, makes, models, and styles, and identifies each vehicle´s original standard equipment and any known optional equipment. The information is then output as a single, normalized file that can be passed to, and used by, any number of vehicle commerce and marketing applications, from financing to remarketing.

Engine is an ideal application for any organization that needs to process and describe large amounts of vehicle data on a routine basis. Financial institutions can use the Engine´s output of accurately equipped and fully described vehicles to better manage their portfolios and collateral risks. Auctions can enhance their product listings by including additional details. Online portals and affinity groups can use Engine to ensure that all vehicles, regardless of make or year, are consistently described and are more searchable and accessible by online shoppers and search engines.

Chrome Engine is available immediately and will be featured at Booth 3221 during the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) 88th Annual Convention and Exposition in New Orleans, Jan. 29-Feb. 1.