SMYRNA, TN – Wheels Inc. has brought back its annual awards for outstanding service, and this time around, three members of the National Association of Fleet Resale Dealers (NAFRD), were at the top of the list.

Steve Hensley, owner of Karco in Fremont, Calif.; Joe Pye, owner of Joe Pye Motor Co. in Spring, Texas; and Terry Rutter, president of Amerifleet Inc. in Akron, Ohio, were recently presented the awards on behalf of their individual orgaizations.

Steve Krnich, national sales manager at Wheels Inc., said that only one service award was presented for each of the company´s four regions; the fourth prize went to an auction. In choosing those who represented outstanding service, Krnich enlisted the help of team members, regional sales managers, and processors who actually work with those who could be nominated.

Everything from good communication skills to expedient pickups was considered, said Krnich. “The reason we like to have wholesalers mixed in with our network is to be able to give a little bit more personal service,” Krnich said. “When you have that emergency, whatever it is, it´s nice to be able to call on these dealers. The guy whose name is over the door is generally the guy who´s answering the phone.”

This is not the first time two of the honorees have received the award. Rutter and Hensley each won numerous times in the 1990s. Hensley attributes his nod to the realization that “service is all we have to offer,” and Hensley, to the fact that his entire company has a goal of helping Wheels service its customers.