INDIANAPOLIS – Auction Broadcasting Company (ABC) recently acquired a new auction facility, located at 1815 Old Fort Parkway in Murfreesboro, Tenn. This facility, previously run by Manheim until closing in December 2002, is now the home of ABC Murfreesboro.

In October 2003, ABC Nashville opened a satellite auction in Murfreesboro, located in an old truck terminal. Fred Walther, who was general manager under Manheim and is currently GM at ABC Murfreesboro with 47 years of car sales experience, spearheaded this satellite and once again built a customer base in Murfreesboro. "We were in the warehouse facility about a year when the previous Manheim auction site was available to lease. So, we signed the papers, moved into this new location on October 31, and got ready for our first auction in two days," said Walther.

ABC Murfreesboro, which was previously a satellite of ABC Nashville, is currently a full-service auction. The six-lane facility features a separate mechanic garage and is being refitted to include a recon center. The site encompasses 29 acres, with 20 acres staged for dealer consignment. The facility will accommodate parking for approximately 2,400 vehicles plus storage for another 1,500 vehicles awaiting sale. The 16,000-square-foot building offers space for ABC Murfreesboro´s expanding dealer business.