The International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA) announced that its online remarketing education modules are available for use through the Northwood University online adult education program.

The IARA education initiative consists of nine modules with another three to be released in October. The registration page is located on the IARA Web site at

The nine modules are available in groups of three to a unit. Each unit is available separately with three different courses, or the entire nine modules can be taken at one time in the all-inclusive unit. Each unit with three modules is available for IARA members at $99, and for $149 for non-IARA members. The all-inclusive unit, with all nine modules, is available at a 20 percent discount of $239 for IARA members and $359 for non-IARA members. Each unit must be completed by the end of the month in which the registration occurs. Northwood and the IARA will issue a certificate of completion. In addition, Northwood will issue the appropriate continuing education credits (CEUs) for each unit completed.

  • Unit number one contains the modules: Introduction to Remarketing, Transportation, and Terminology.

  • Unit two contains the modules: Inspections, Reconditioning, and Characteristics of a VIN.

  • Unit three contains the modules: Ethics, Guidebooks, and Resale Channels.

  • Unit four contains all nine modules.