Autobytel Inc. has signed an agreement to provide a national online customer referral program for the Asbury Automotive Group, the fourth-largest auto retailer in the nation. The agreement, which encompasses all 139 of Asbury's franchises, provides for online customer referrals for new and used vehicles, as well as CRM tools and Web site research and advertising services through Autobytel. Autobytel led the industry in 2003 attracting an average of 7.7 million unique monthly visitors and generating more than a billion dollars in sales for dealers each month.

In addition to receiving purchase requests from Autobytel's audience of monthly Web car buyers, Asbury dealers will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a range of Autobytel dealership marketing services, including AVV, Inc.'s prospect management system, Web Control, regionally-targeted advertising on Autobytel's Web sites, and a suite of multi-brand vehicle research tools (AIC AutoSuite) that can be custom-branded for each participating dealer's Web site. Asbury dealers will also benefit from Autobytel's proprietary 7-step Quality Verification System, a customer scrubbing program, as well as onsite Internet sales best practices training.

The Asbury Automotive Group has 139 franchises in 11 states at 94 locations in 20 markets. A part of the company's success has been its aggressive development and adoption of efficient Internet-based marketing, CRM, and operational programs, including its regional Web site platforms. The Asbury Group also uses Autobytel's best-in-class prospect management system, AVV Web Control, for most of its dealerships nationwide.