On July 22 at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, Dick Dennis & JoAnn Foster led the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA) endorsing an Industry Standard Vehicle Grading Scale Roundtable event that discussed whether an IARA endorsement on a standard scale is possible to help the industry standardize.

“I’m honored to represent Creative Colors International and the IARA in its mission to continuously advance the remarketer industry,” said CCI founder, JoAnn Foster. “I welcome the opportunity to discuss the effects of standardizing the remarketing process.”

“One of the missions of IARA is to foster the improvement of the remarketing process. Standardization, wherever possible, is a worthwhile goal,” says Matt Marks, IARA executive director.

The panel discussed which scales were in use and the pros and cons of adopting the use of one common vehicle grading scale.