Two employees recently celebrated their 20-year anniversaries at State Line Auto Auction and were honored with a special ceremony at the beginning of the sale. Both Lois Seymour and Jim Terwilliger were hired the same week in 1984, and both trace their hiring back to Harry Barber, founder of State Line and father of present owner, Jeff Barber.

Terwilliger began his career in the reconditioning shop, which at the time was housed in a converted horse barn. From there, he moved into the office to become State Line’s original telemarketer. He is currently responsible for General Motors’ dealer relations in addition to duties with many commercial accounts.

Officer manager Lois Seymour not only marked 20years with the auction, but also retired on the same day, thus becoming the first-ever member of State Line’s “20 and Out Club”.

Terwilliger and Seymour become the fourth and fifth members of State Line’s 20-Year Club.