Last month, NASCAR Days at DAA Northwest kept the action going in the auction lanes long after the sale was over. Auction customers were able to check out two show cars brought to the auction that day by DuPont. One vehicle was an actual working race car, while the other had been converted to a race car simulator, which got a workout from customers who bought or sold three vehicles that day to earn their chance to test their driving skills.

The top scorer in the simulator joined three dealers drawn from among those who bought and sold that day to compete on DAA’s RC track. The winner of the competition was Cam Hayes of Hayes Enterprises in Spokane. He won two VIP passes, airfare, and deluxe accommodations to the May 2 NASCAR event at the California Speedway, along with two DuPont/NASCAR jackets.

The top winner of the day was Pat Mahar of Eisinger Motors in Kalispell, Mont., whose name was drawn from among all buyers and sellers at DAA’s NASCAR day sale. In addition to an all-expense-paid trip to the California Speedway, he also won a Richard Petty Driving Experience.