Auction Broadcasting Company (ABC) recently announced the creation of its MotorSports Division, initially featuring bimonthly sales at its ABC Indianapolis facility. The first MotorSports Auction Sale will be held Friday, June 11 at 9 a.m. at ABC's facility at 3111 South Post Road, Indianapolis, Indiana. More than 400 motorsport units will be for sale at this premiere auction, with Honda Financial being the primary consignor.

"The first sale will feature more than 400 units, including cruisers, sport bikes, dirt bikes, and ATVs from a 12-state area. Our MotorSports Sales will be geared for dealers only," says John Combs, general manager of ABC Indianapolis.

In anticipation of ABC's first MotorSports Sale, the company has created a MotorSports logo and is advertising in several motorcycle publications.

In addition to being available at the auction site, the MotorSport Sale will also be featured on the Internet via OnLine Ringman®. With the OnLine Ringman® technology, dealers throughout the country are able to interactively view and participate in lane bidding, access vehicle and other information, and participate in sales on a real-time basis.