Volkswagen of America, Inc., announced that CARFAX Vehicle History Reports will now be incorporated in the certification process of all Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles, according to AutoFan magazine.

Adding CARFAX reports to the Volkswagen CPO certification process further helps build the confidence and peace-of-mind customers have with owning Volkswagen CPO vehicles. The program is designed to reduce risk for both the customer and the dealer.

“At the beginning of our CPO process, if the CARFAX report uncovers an issue with a particular Volkswagen vehicle, we will review that vehicle’s history more closely to ensure that the vehicle qualifies for certification,” said Kris Arthur, Volkswagen CPO product and portfolio leader in the AutoFan article. “CARFAX provides that ‘background check’ to help us screen cars and, in the end, reinforces to the buyers they are getting the vehicles as presented.”

“Including CARFAX Vehicle History Reports in the Volkswagen CPO program will help give dealers, and ultimately consumers, the confidence that their Volkswagen CPO vehicle has no hidden problems from its past,” said Scott Fredericks, vice president, CARFAX, as reported in AutoFan.

With the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee, the company will buy back any vehicle a consumer or dealer finds had a severe problem reported by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that was not included in the CARFAX report. The CARFAX Buyback Guarantee comes with every CARFAX report that doesn’t show any DMV-reported problems.

In addition to having a clean history, Volkswagen CPO vehicles must meet basic qualifications (i.e., no older than 5-model years old, under 75,000 miles), as well as pass a 112-point mechanical, safety, and appearance inspection. Volkswagen then reconditions and details each vehicle to ensure they meet to complete CPO standards.