In 2003, Simulcast’s first full year in operation, more than 21,000 unique dealers attended Manheim sales via Simulcast an average of 5-6 times and recorded more than 307,000 online bids. Of the one million cars offered during Simulcast sales, more than 740,000 were sold, purchased by dealers online or in the lanes.


“We are very pleased with how well Simulcast performed last year,” said Joe Luppino, vice president and chief technology officer for Manheim. “The challenge has been keeping pace with the demand, and as we look ahead to the next several months, we expect continued success will enable us to offer Simulcast in more lanes at more auctions.”


Manheim currently has Simulcast capability in 305 lanes at 70 of its North American auctions. In 2003, dealers purchased more than 42,000 vehicles online during Simulcast sales, valued at more than $611 million. Online bidders also recorded the secondhighest bid on more than 23,600 vehicles, increasing the transaction value of cars sold in the lanes.