The latest enhancements to’s reporting system, LiveReports, now allow users to total columns, calculate averages, and perform other functions across data sets without the need to export data to a spreadsheet program.

The enhanced LiveReports also enables consignors to quickly track a title’s log-in time to the AutoIMS Web-enabled inventory management system after being sent. Just click on “Title Transfer Time” in LiveReports’ title table to identify bottlenecks that delay vehicle pricing and increase days to sell.

Finally, AutoIMS’ new hierarchy/password application allows consignors to control users’ access to LiveReports’ data. For example, a company’s internal AutoIMS administrator can allow users with access to multiple auctions or consignors to view and manipulate data across different entities with one log on. To customize view, click “Change View” and specify one or more sets of data.

Live Reports provides consignors with access to actionable information on any vehicle data in the AutoIMS inventory management system. Every query to Live Reports represents a phone call that didn’t have to be made or a fax that didn’t have to be sent,” says Don Meadows, president of Auto Auction Services Corp., the parent company of and

Consignors use Live Reports to drive daily functions with task-specific reports as well as monitor, measure, and grow their remarketing sales and profits. Live Reports provides users with preformatted report templates that can be used “as-is” or customized to the business’s needs. Users within the same company also can copy and modify each other’s report templates.

Use Live Reports to Drive Daily Tasks:

  • Manage the title shipping process quickly and effectively.

  • Identify and act on vehicles ready for floor pricing across one or more auctions each day.

  • Monitor bids and adjust prices real-time on’s interactive bid sales.

  • Submit requested run orders to auctions.

  • Give title clerks immediate access to title information.

    Make Informed Decisions:

  • Examine vehicle repairs by category, auction, or region.

  • Customize block summary reports to quickly view requested floors, total charges for vehicles on the block, and guidebook prices.

  • View post-sale summaries across one or more auctions to see total charges, floor price and actual sales price for each vehicle sold. The summary can even include equipment options for each vehicle so that remarketers can evaluate their cost-effectiveness.

  • Track title transfer times to identify bottlenecks that delay vehicle pricing and increase days to sell.