The N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Guide Company (N.A.D.A.) announced new partnership agreements with Chrome Systems Corp. and Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) to enhance N.A.D.A.’s B2B website.

Under the new affiliation, Chrome’s New Vehicle Data™ has been added to, allowing access to new vehicle invoice pricing by VIN. Site customers can view monthly updated vehicle data, including current year, make, model, body type, technical specifications, and pricing. All data is independently verified and features 43 makes.

N.A.D.A.’s collaboration with ALG will produce a Web Referral Program featuring Two ALG products, the Fleet Residual Model and the Online Calculator. Specifically designed for the fleet/lease industry, the Fleet Residual Model incorporates market factors that impact only fleet resale values. The service allows customers to access fleet residuals of all new vehicles on a bimonthly basis, select monthly terms of any combination between four and 48 months, customize projections with vehicle conditions of clean, average and/or rough, place the annual contract mileage between 18,000 and 45,000, and customize options.

Based on a broader market, the Online Calculator is a general-use tool to determine residual values and monthly payment calculations. Online customers can access all ALG editions — either the regional dollar guides for new and used vehicles or the national percentage guide for new vehicles in all ALG regions. The Online Calculator also permits option customizing, mileage adjustments, and monthly payment and residual computation. Values for all available terms, from 24 to 72 months are displayed.