Drive Financial Services and ServNet have introduced a two-tiered certification program, geared to increase sales of Drive Financial vehicles at ServNet auctions. The two programs, introduced by five ServNet auctions across the country, are (1) Drive Certified, which provides a seven-day warranty for late-model vehicles with less than 80,000 miles, and (2) Auction Check Green, which covers higher mileage vehicles with more than 80,000 miles.


“This two-part certification program allows customers of ServNet auctions to purchase Drive Financial Services’ vehicles with greater confidence than ever before,” said Robert M. Sullivan, managing partner of Chattanooga Auto Auction. “The Drive Certified vehicles have a full seven-day guarantee. The other vehicles, covered by Auction Check Green, are free of frame damage, have a guaranteed drive train, and are arbitratable until 5 p.m. on sale day.”


Designed through a partnership between ServNet Auctions and Drive Financial Services, both Drive Certified and Auction Check Green are currently offered at Brasher’s Cascade Auto Auction, Chattanooga Auto Auction, Indiana Auto Auction, Missouri Auto Auction, and Sparkling City Auto Auction of Corpus Christi. Drive Certified vehicles must pass a 26-point mechanical inspection to qualify. After performing a pre-drive fluid level and consistency inspection, auction technicians road test the vehicle, checking engine and transmission performance, rear-end, and brakes. The body must be free of undisclosed damage, and the frame free of damage. In addition, all four tires must match and be within wear guidelines, the interior must be free of stains and wear, and previous repairs must be brought to OEM standards. Titles must be free of discrepancies.


Auction Check Green vehicles are guaranteed drive-train inspected units with more than 80,000 miles. They must be free of frame damage and pass inspections covering the lower engine (block, rod, crank), transmission, clutch, rear-end or final drive, CV joint, hub bearing and axle.