When Ford Motor Co. sold vehicles via Simulcast for the first time at Manheim’s 166 Auto Auction in Springfield, MO, last month, it marked the second technological innovation that Ford and Manheim Auctions have teamed up to launch in the last two years.

More than 45 online dealers participated in the sale, with 107 online bids accepted. In the Ford-Sponsored closed sale, four percent of the 332 total units were sold through Simulcast. During the Ford-sponsored open sale, Simulcast was responsible for selling four percent of the 102 vehicles sold.

“Manheim’s new technology is catching on for dealers and consignors,” said Joe Luppino, vice president and chief operating officer for Manheim Interactive. “We are looking forward to continued success with Ford and the rest of our consignors and dealers who have been working with us to make Manheim and our Internet buying services a success.”

Manheim currently has 187 lanes at 38 auctions operating on Simulcast, with more than 20 consignors, including both dealers and commercial accounts, selling vehicles on the system. Luppino estimates that by the end of August, Simulcast will be installed in 217 lanes at 48 Manheim locations. Simulcast has attracted more than 7,500 dealers into the lanes via the Internet.

Last year, Ford and Manheim Interactive launched Ford QUIC (Quality Used Internet Cars), a program in which Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers are able to purchase vehicles through a sequential auction phase run by local Ford managers. All vehicles that are listed on QUIC are located at an auction site.