An online auction program has been developed by Donlen Corp. in partnership with ADESA, to expand its driver sales program to all employees of a client company. SMC Corp. is an early adopter. The way the program works is that out-of-service vehicles not purchased by their drivers are transported to an ADESA auction. Before the vehicle is sold at the auction, they are offered to company employees who competitively bid on them during a one-day period.

According to Layne Weber, director of vehicle remarketing for Donlen Corp., “The beauty of this system is that the vehicle is already at the auction. (It) doesn’t significantly add to the time required to sell the vehicle.” He noted that the vehicle is first offered to employees in an Internet auction that starts at noon Friday and concludes on Saturday. If it isn’t sold to an employee, then the following Monday it is offered for sale through one of ADESA’s dealer Internet sale channels. If it still doesn’t sell, then it is run through the physical auction at the next sale day.

Interested employees are notified via e-mail, and directed to a site where they can register as a bidder. After registering, they can log onto the Web site and view the vehicles available for sale. The system can search for vehicles based on make, model, or year of vehicle, or also by the region where the vehicle is located. For information in greater detail, prospective buyers can view a Vehicle Detail screen, with photographs of the vehicle, lists of optional equipment, and even disclosure of any physical damage.

After the conclusion of the auction, the vehicle is sold to the highest bidder, who will receive an e-mail containing this information, and to contact Donlen, who will inform them of any sales tax and/or other fees due. Donlen also offers buyers an optional used-vehicle warranty program and provides Web site links to financing sources.