Construction of the new ADESA Long Island is nearing completion and the auction is slated to open in June 2003. Work continues on the pavement and the auction's two main buildings.

Located on two pieces of property, ADESA Long Island’s main auction building is being built on 30 acres and will house the arena and the administrative offices in a 36,430 square-foot facility. The receiving, reconditioning and mechanical shop property will be housed on 17.5 acres. Additionally, ADESA Long Island will use new technology to reclaim wash water. The "zero discharge" process removes contaminants to below detectable levels.

ADESA Long Island will employ approximately 120 area residents. The auction will feature six fully-automated auction lanes, 500 dealer parking spaces, four covered consignment registration lanes, and sale parking for over 1,500 consigned units. The auction will also house a 120,000 square-foot vehicle loading and unloading area that is big enough to receive hundreds of vehicles at one time. ADESA Long Island also will have a secure around the clock dealer drop-off and pre-registration area. Weekly consignment and factory sales will take place almost daily at the site.