On Dec. 13, 2002, ABC Nashville will host the largest BMW factory auction in history, featuring more than 500 vehicles on sale from BMW North America.

According to Nick Snow, general manager of ABC Nashville, BMW was impressed with the auction's OnLine RingMan technology, which allows dealers throughout the country to interactively view and participate in lane bidding, access vehicle and other information, as well as participate in sales on a real-time basis.

"ABC Nashville was chosen to host this auction, in part, because we are the closest ABC auction to the BMW manufacturing plant in South Carolina where the majority of vehicles come from," explains Snow. "Since we are relatively close to that plant, shipping costs to get the vehicles here are kept to a minimum."

"I also think ABC Nashville was chosen because of our central location nationwide," continues Nick. "Since we are located between the two coasts, dealers from all parts of the country can participate in the auction, knowing the transportation charges will not be prohibitively expensive."