Brasher’s Cascade Auto Auction held its first Internet sale in late August, making Volkswagen/Audi vehicles available through the OnLine Ringman system developed by Auction Management Solutions, Inc. The Internet auction was held simultaneously with a traditional sale at the Portland, OR, facility.

Of the 152 VW and Audi vehicles for sale on August 29, 2002, 125 were offered online. Thirteen of those vehicles were sold over the Internet, or over 10 percent, resulting in gross sales of $187,300. In addition to purchasing the 13 vehicles, Internet bidders were responsible for the second-highest bids on another seven vehicles.

The OnLine Ringman system brings additional bidders from near and far to the table, enabling them to participate in the auction in real time from any location. Cascade Auto Auction will continue to offer VW and Audi vehicles to Internet bidders at regularly scheduled sales.