Manheim has updated its website with a new look and faster access to favorite tools, new standards for vehicle information across channels, and an enhanced Simulcast experience.

The company will roll out the new website experience to its clients throughout 2020.

Manheim is introducing this new website at a time when nearly half of its wholesale vehicle transactions are done digitally.

“Reflecting on 75 years of serving clients this year, we’re excited about helping dealers meet the complex challenges of the digital transformation era,” said Grace Huang, president of Manheim. “The new experience combines the type of personalization, physical auction excitement and learning resources that clients are looking for so they can better compete.”  

Manheim noted that it worked closely with clients throughout the process of building its new website.

One of the biggest improvements to this new is the personalization features built into it. The site’s new AI capabilities analyze a user’s search and purchase history, and based on that analysis, provides personalized vehicle recommendations.

Sellers also receive a new Selling Center that provides a snapshot of their overall inventory at a glance. The new Selling Center also introduces new data points and inventory groupings that allow sellers to quickly see inventory totals across channels, as well as specific inventory counts that highlight listings that may need attention, the company noted.

“As more dealers adopt digital channels, we have the opportunity to reinvent the industry and foster more confident and efficient transactions for our clients,” said Zach Hallowell, vice president of Manheim Digital. “The new is a huge leap forward — setting a new standard in the wholesale industry — but we’re not stopping there. We will continue to enhance the experience and add new tools and solutions as we move forward.”

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