More than 50% of Auction Academy’s Class Group 6 is fully CAR certified, the company announced.

Members of Auction Academy’s Class Group 6 who are CAR certified include Brent Wesner; Kevin Mitchell; Alison Spangler; John Capecci; Mere Rangel; Nikki Liebler; Trevor Schroerlucke; Roxanne Elliott; Felicia Rawles; Katie Alombro; Rob Gorman; Andy Poteet; and Vann Humphrey.

The International Automotive Remarketing Alliance’s (IARA) CAR Certification became part of Auction Academy’s curriculum in February 2018. Auction Academy has been proctoring exams for CAR certification since its Class Group 4.

Penny Wanna, president of Auction Academy, is CAR certified and is one of the people who proctor testing opportunities for people pursuing IARA CAR Certification.

Auction Academy describes itself as a continuing education program developed by TPC Management Co. (TPC) for professionals in the auto auction industry. The academy has developed two curriculums: a two-year program structured like an executive MBA program and a one-day Seminar Series filled with sessions focused on a specific topic or functional area.

Auction Academy’s Class Group 7 is slated to begin in the Fall of 2020.

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