Former security guard Samantha Flores (left) has joined the Manheim Apprentice Program at the...

Former security guard Samantha Flores (left) has joined the Manheim Apprentice Program at the auction services provider’s San Antonio location.

Photo courtesy of Manheim. 

Prompted by a severe shortage of auto technicians nationwide and fast-growing need by clients for the company’s reconditioning services, Manheim has launched its own apprentice program, the company announced.

“With the need for auto technicians rapidly outpacing the number of qualified candidates, it’s critical that we invest in growing our own talent to meet the evolving needs of our clients,” said Grace Huang, president of Manheim. “The Manheim Apprentice Program is a way for us to develop the next generation of skilled technicians to meet not only the growing needs of today’s dealerships, but also tomorrow’s mobility providers.”

The Manheim Apprentice Program was designed to help its operating locations nationwide identify, recruit and hire entry-level auto technicians for their reconditioning centers. It offers two recruitment paths: one for external candidates with technical experience and another for internal team members interested in becoming a technician.

The 12-week program is designed to help equip apprentices with the necessary skills and knowledge to advance to a part-time or full-time entry level position. Apprentices enrolled in the program are supported by Manheim team members who serve as mentors to guide them in their development and training. With a full range of tools provided by Manheim, apprentices complete up to 480 hours of training under the guidance of their mentors.

Samantha Flores, currently an apprentice at Manheim San Antonio and daughter of an experienced mechanic, was working at a job that she didn’t see long-term potential in. She said an online ad for the Manheim Apprentice Program caught her attention. 

“I was a night security officer at a home improvement store, and I just didn’t see a future in that role,” said Flores. “When I saw an ad for the Manheim Apprentice Program, I knew it would be a great opportunity. I love the diversity of learning experiences I’m getting — it’s helping me with time management and growing into a solid mechanic with a bright future.”

Currently, 19 Manheim locations across the country are participating in the auto technician apprentice program. Later this year, the program is expected to expand to include body shop and paint technicians. 

This story originally appeared on Auto Dealer Today, another Bobit Business Media publication. 

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