Westlake Financial Services has selected America's Auto Auction Harrisburg as its auction of the year and named five auctions that were the top in their regions in 2018.

The regional top performance included Manheim Nashville in the Midwest, ADESA Sacramento Brashers in the Pacific, Manheim North Carolina in the Southeast, and Manheim Phoenix in the West. America's Auto Auction Harrisburg was also the top auction in the northeast.

Each year, Westlake grades auto auctions based on sales and service levels including sales of Westlake remarketed units with the highest MMR percentage. Westlake recognizes top performing auctions in each region with the highest graded auction receiving the auction of the year award.

"We are proud to be working with all our auctions and I want to congratulate the top five," said Paul Kerwin, Westlake's chief financial officer. "We hope to continue our success alongside each of these groups."

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