Photo of 2016 Chevrolet Express courtesy of GM.

Photo of 2016 Chevrolet Express courtesy of GM.

Used compact and midsize passenger cars held their value better than pickups and cargo vans in April, and overall vehicle depreciation eased due to a strong spring selling season, according to Black Book.

Used vehicles from 2012 to 2016 increased 0.3% in value in the month. Cars increased 1.3% and trucks depreciated 0.4%. These vehicles depreciated 15.1% from a year ago.

Compact cars led all categories with a 5.3% increase in value to $8,210, while midsize cars increased 3.1% to $9,732.These categories depreciated 13.7% and 15.5% respectively from a year ago.

Depreciation of fleet trucks and vans was higher, as trucks saw sharper depreciation than vans. Full-size pickups fell 3.2% on the month and 10.2% from a year ago to an average of $22,781. Small pickups fell 1.2% on the month and 9.9% for the year to $20,168.

Full-size vans depreciated 1.8% in April and 9.2% from a year ago to $16,557, while compact vans were flat on the month and depreciated 9% from a year ago to $10,143.

Compact SUVs fell 0.7% in April and 13.5% on the year to $11,814.

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